Water-birds-in-Seabrook-TexasBACA is a local civic group centered in the Seabrook area, working to protect the qualities of the Bay Area that make it a prime location for people to live, work and relax.  We appreciate the commercial and aesthetic values of the bay, wetlands, and planned land uses that protect neighborhoods and businesses.

BACA may register from time to time as a political committee in Seabrook City elections when we see well-defined differences in candidates, or important issues in a public referendum. Political committees support candidates and issues by advertising, with proper reporting of major sources of campaign funds and how they are spent.  Seabrook has elections in two out of every 3 years, since officials serve 3-year terms. 2014 also happens to be a “quiet” year in which there is no city election, since there are no contested positions on this year’s ballot.

BACA contributes to public forums in which items of interest to Galveston Bay residents are discussed.  We recognize the common interests of the entire Bay and Clear Lake areas. Members help research issues that affect the Bay environment and its seafood industries, boating and recreation, and residential neighborhoods that are important to the economy of the entire region.  With no dues required for membership, you may choose to become a part of the Bay Area Citizens Association. Check the “Contact Us” parts of the web site to get more information.